Driving Impact through Tech Innovation

Ivan "Faeton" Danishevsky is a globally acknowledged entrepreneur, IT engineer, and influential figure deeply ingrained in the tech and esports landscapes. The founder of AWERTI (and ESM.one), Ivan has made substantial strides in developing innovative projects that have reverberated throughout the global esports community, such as Esports Charts and Streams Charts. These initiatives have become invaluable assets and earned worldwide recognition from reputed media platforms including BBC, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

Yet, Ivan's efforts extend far beyond establishing groundbreaking enterprises. He is also a critical player in key esports organizations, serving as the President and head of the board of the National Esports Federation of Ukraine (UESF), a founding member of Esports Europe (EEF), and a member of the International Esports Federation (IESF). In these capacities, Ivan is at the forefront of determining the future trajectory of the esports industry.

As a recognized figure in the startup ecosystem, Ivan contributes as an expert committee member of the National Ukrainian Startup Fund, assisting in the identification and fostering of promising tech startups. He further extends his influence by mentoring at The Founder Institute, shaping the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

Moreover, Ivan is a board member of EcoFactor, an organization advocating for sustainability and environmental responsibility in Ukraine and Europe. His wisdom on esports and IT also comes into play as an advisor to numerous companies in these sectors.

Ivan's impressive portfolio includes involvement in startups centred on impact-tech, social development, mental health, and community housing and collaboration. His projects encompass a diverse geographical range, with some based in Cyprus, as documented on his local bio website - ivan.cy.

Emblematic of Ivan's commitment to leveraging technology to create substantial social impact, his focus on mental health underscores his cognizance of societal issues. His investment in community housing signifies his dedication to fostering a sense of belonging among individuals. His efforts in Cyprus epitomize his aspiration to stimulate innovation and growth in different locales.

Now, his recent initiatives, GenPlan & Understain, aim to conscientiously address and harness the growing influence of the internet, particularly the sway held by internet influencers. As he brings his rich experience, leadership, and expertise to this venture, Ivan continues to be an invaluable partner for any organization aspiring to innovate, grow, and prosper in the contemporary business world.

Ivan’s diverse engagements and proven competence render him a versatile figure in the global startup scene, inspiring emerging innovators worldwide. With his deep understanding of feasibility and common sense, he aids businesses in developing and executing practical and effective strategies. His expertise in electronic sports has rendered him a key player in the esports industry, and his work with Teslas, cars, charging, and electrical ecosystems demonstrates his grasp of cutting-edge technologies.

As the founder of ESM.one, Ivan possesses vast experience in the tech industry and has initiated several groundbreaking projects. His insight into blockchain technology makes him an invaluable asset for companies aspiring to incorporate blockchain solutions into their operations.

His experience in research, IT infrastructure, and engineering also positions him as a crucial partner for organizations seeking to develop new technologies or enhance existing systems. His adeptness in government relations renders him a valuable advisor for businesses navigating complex regulatory terrains, and his experience in education program development makes him an ideal mentor for emerging talent.

In a nutshell, Ivan's diverse skill set, vast experience, and leadership qualities make him an asset for any organization aiming to innovate, grow, and succeed in the modern business landscape.


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